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M. D. Henry Company, Inc. (MDH) has provided T&D products and services for the electrical power industry for almost forty years.  MDH serves the Utility, Municipal, and Industrial markets and supplies Distributors and Contractors, as well. MDH equipment has shipped throughout the United States and Internationally. The MDH organization is large enough to meet nearly all T&D needs from the generator terminals to the distribution lines.  MDH is small enough, however, to provide personal and immediate service to meet its customers' most critical schedules.

The MDH Company consists of three specific areas of T&D products and services: the MDH Package Substation division, the Transmission Line Manufacturing division, and Universal Electric distribution products.

MDH's Packaged Substations are engineered and designed to meet the owners' requirements and about_us_imagedelivered to the site complete for immediate installation, complete with design documentation.

MDH's standard Substation Package includes equipment and materials for the ground grid, fence, steel structures, anchor bolts, switches, CT's, PT's, CCVT's, lighting, station service transformer, bus, connectors, jumpers, and other associated hardware.  In-house, engineered design of structures, foundations, and bus, along with drawings complete the standard Substation Package scope of supply.  In addition to these items, MDH has supplied batteries, chargers, regulators, breakers, transformers and other substation equipment to meet its customer's needs.

The Transmission Line Manufacturing division provides a complete line of engineered, tapered steel poles, steel davit arms,  wood-equivalent steel poles and lattice towers for transmission, distribution, and other similar applications.  The finishes on these products may be provided as painted, weathering, or galvanized.

Power Resources, Inc., an MDH-affiliated company, can offer the option of providing Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC) services for your substation needs. See the Power Resources website at the link provided.


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