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Universal Electric (UE) has delivered a full line of steel-fabricated products to the Utility industry, since 1981. UE provides quality products and excellent customer service at competitive prices. Our line of steel products include distribution pole-line hardware, transmission and substation units, and lighting materials. UE also specializes in providing custom fabricated products to meet customer-specific requirements.

Our distribution pole-line hardware includes a full range of cutout and arrester brackets (both single-phase and three-phase), electric equipment mounting brackets, post insulator brackets, transformer mounting brackets, and a full range of crossarms. In addition, UE offers various hardware items, such as anchor bolts, double-arming bolts, oval eyebolts, machine bolts, U-bolts, and pole bands.

UE's transmission units includes various types of crossarms, X-braces and yoke plates, which are designed and fabricated according to customer-specific requirements. These items are designed to be used on steel, wood, or concrete poles, and applicable for tangent or deadend structures. UE-provided substation units include adjustable regulator stands, transformer platforms, and ground plates designed to your specific needs.

Lighting materials provided by UE include street lighting arms, floodlight brackets, light mounting crossarms, and full personnel lighting platforms. The light mounting crossarms range from three- to six-position fixtures.

In addition to the standard catalog products, UE specializes in providing custom fabricated items to meet the unique material requirements of our customers.

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